This overhaul is designed to return the vehicle back to the nearest possible standard to the condition it rolled of the Showroom floor. A must to keep the vehicle up to the highest standard possible. Outstanding results and only the finest British consumables used.

  • TFR Pre-Wash
  • Rinse
  • HD Snow Foam Bath
  • Rinse
  • Shampooed using the 2 Bucket hand Wash Method Using lambs wool mitt
  • Aqua Rinse Applied
  • Microfiber Cloth Dried
  • Tar Spots Removed
  • Windows Polished

  • Wheels Cleaned And sealed
  • Full Clay Bar Treatment
  • Full First Stage Paint Work Machine Polish (Removing Light Scratches And Car Wash Swirls)
  • Full Second Stage Paint Work Machine Polish (Adding A Protective Layer On The Paintwork And A Outstanding Surface Finish)
  • All Chrome Work Polished
  • Tyre’s Conditioned & Dressed
  • Full Interior Detailed Valet

FROM £180

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